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Organic arctic crowberry powder 140g

Organic arctic crowberry powder 140g

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The arctic crowberry grows in relatively colder climates. This is why it is little known outside the arctic regions. An excellent health benefit of this berry is the amount of anthocyanin compounds it contains. The arctic crowberry is therefore very rich in valuable antioxidants.

Berryconcept organic arctic crowberry powder contains the pulp, seeds and skin of the berry. It has a light and natural aroma. One tablespoon of powder is equivalent to about 1.5 dl of fresh crowberries. For example, you can add it to yoghurt, porridge or smoothies. The dark purple powder is also excellent for decorating desserts, cakes, sweets and drinks.


100% Organic Arctic Crowberries (Empetrum nigrum).

Country of origin: Finland

Nutritional values / 100 g

Energy 1316 kJ  / 317 kcal

Vet 7.2 g - of which saturated 0.7 g

carbohydrates 35 g - of which sugars 20 g

Dietary fiber 48,5g

Protein 3 g

Salty 0 g

Vitamin A < 21 µg

Vitamin C < 0,5 mg 

Vitamins E 0,7 mg 

Vitamin K 15,2 µg

Phosphorus 79 mg

Iodine < 0,01 mg

Potassium 725 mg  (30%)*

Calcium 48 mg

Buyer 0,48 mg

Magnesium 39 mg

Manganese 6,2 mg

Sodium 2,9 mg

Iron 3,1 mg

Sulfur 56 mg

Selenium < 0,02 mg

zinc 0,6 mg

Anthocyanins 1700 mg

ORAC values 66800 ± 6000 µmol TE/100 g

*From the recommended daily amount

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