Gezondheidsvoordelen van de zwarte bes

Health benefits of the black currant

Humans naturally look for ways to improve health. This applies to some people more than others. However, we all know deep down that this is a worthwhile quest. Something that people don't quickly think about is the black currant. Black berries however, are well known for the many health benefits they offer. That is why we pay some attention to it in this article.

How healthy are black currants?

Black currants are known for a number of health benefits. If you then want to know exactly what the blackcurrant is good for you, it is important to be exactly aware of it. And so we are here to reflect on the health benefits of black currants. You can then assume:


Strengthen immune system

The immune system is one of the most important parts of the human body. Especially in the period in which we now live, the immune system is in the spotlight worldwide. The better your immune system is, the better protected you are against disease. The blackcurrant is known for its a large amount of vitamin C contain. And that significantly strengthens the immune system.


Inhibit inflammation

Furthermore, the black currant also inhibits inflammation. The natural, anti-inflammatory properties therefore come in handy to keep possible dangers under control. You prefer that an inflammation is resolved as quickly as possible.


Stimulation of the brain

In addition, black currants stimulate the brain. This improves your memory and your ability to concentrate. This has to do with the quantity iron in blackcurrant. It maximizes the oxygen supply to the brain.

Good for your heart and blood vessels

are black currants rich in potassium, a natural remover of your vessels. At the same time, the black currant also lowers the 'bad' LDL cholesterol in your body. Both are good for your heart and blood vessels. Certainly in the long term, the use of black currants will make a positive difference on this point.

Good for your eyes

Finally, black currants are good for your eyes. This positive feature is due to the proanthocyanidinen contained in the leaf of the black currant. They increase blood flow in your eyes and have a beneficial effect on the optic nerves. As a result, your eyes deteriorate less quickly, even at a somewhat later age.


Organic blackcurrant powder

So are you someone who attaches great importance to his or her health? And do you like to do everything you can to maximize it? Then it is definitely worth getting blackcurrants in increasing numbers. This will have the positive effects mentioned above, both in the short and in the long term. This way you not only have the best interests of your own health, but you also take serious steps to put it into practice. Take the first steps in a healthy lifestyle and order today biological blackcurrant powder from Berry concept.


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