Enjoy the exceptional health benefits of arctic wild berries all year round!

  • Wild berries from Finland

    The bright northern summer ripens a lush harvest of berries in the forests and swamps every year.


  • Wild blueberries or blueberries?

    What is the difference between wild blueberry and blueberry?


  • Health benefits of sea buckthorn berries

    Sea buckthorn berries offer many health benefits. We've summarized the most important ones.


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Health from nature

Wild berries in Finland take full advantage of the many hours of daylight in summer and therefore have more color and taste and are very rich in healthy nutrients. These arctic wild berries contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, omega fatty acids and are rich in dietary fiber. They are one of the best sources of polyphenols that have very beneficial effects on human health. For example, the anthocyanin levels in arctic wild blueberries (bilberry) are up to 4 times higher than in cultivated blueberries. Regular use of wild berries also appears to have a positive effect on blood pressure and HDL cholesterol levels. For more information on the nutritional values of arctic wild berries visit the website of Arctic Flavours.