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Health benefits of sea buckthorn berries

Sea buckthorn berries provide several health benefits. Because sea buckthorn berries are rich in fibres, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins in minerals, it is a type of berry used by many people. You can read in this article exactly what a sea buckthorn berry is and what health benefits it provides.

What Are Sea Buckthorn Berries?

Sea buckthorn berries come from the sea buckthorn, a dioecious shrub species that grows almost everywhere in the world, including in the Netherlands. The yellow-orange colored berries are packed with nutrients and vitamins. Sea buckthorn berries are available fresh or dried. They are also often used in various products, including cosmetics, berry juices, berry jams and sea buckthorn berry powders.


The most important features of sea buckthorn berries

Sea buckthorn berries provide several health benefits. We list the main advantages:

Rich in vitamin C

A sea buckthorn berry contains as much as 12 times as much vitamin C as an orange. It is therefore a very good protection for your body cells and contributes to the formation of tissue, the absorption of iron and the maintenance of your resistance. That is why these berries are also used for facial creams and serums, among other things.

Helps with weight loss

Several studies show that sea buckthorn berries can contribute to weight loss by preventing excess fat from being stored.

Omega fatty acids

Because sea buckthorn berries full of omega fatty acids they have an anti-inflammatory effect. The oil in sea buckthorn berries is rich in omega 3, omega 6, omega 7 and omega 9 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are important for optimal body health. The sea buckthorn berry is one of the few fruits that naturally contains omega 7. Sea buckthorn berry oil softens dry skin and helps with dry mucous membranes, for example due to the menopause. For example, it supports dry eyes, dry mouth and dry or aging skin.

Better eyesight

Sea buckthorn berries contain several components - including lycopene - that promote blood circulation in the eyes, which can improve vision.


The uses of sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn berries are used in numerous products. For example, you will find sea buckthorn berry oil in skin care and cosmetics products, but sea buckthorn berries are also used for jam, syrup and honey. In addition, there are also capsules and supplements available that contain sea buckthorn berries.

In most cases, the juice (oil) of the sea buckthorn berry is used for processing. When sea buckthorn berries or sea buckthorn oil is consumed raw, it is quite acidic. By mixing it with other ingredients, this sharp taste is reduced.

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Sea buckthorn powder

Sea buckthorn berry powder is rich in healthy nutrients. The sea buckthorn berry provides - in addition to a high vitamin content and minerals - also a high concentration of unsaturated omega fatty acids 3, 6, 7 and 9. This makes sea buckthorn berry powder excellent for support in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Sea buckthorn berry powder is ground from whole dried sea buckthorn berries - without any additional additives. It contains the pulp, seeds and skin of the sea buckthorn berry. Very suitable for yogurt or to mix in a smoothie or shake.

Organic sea buckthorn berry powder - 50 grams
Organic sea buckthorn berry powder - 150 grams


Dried sea buckthorn berries

    Dried sea buckthorn berries are packed with healthy nutrients. The berries are dried at a low temperature, so that all important nutrients are optimally preserved. The dried sea buckthorn berries are ideal for making tea or adding to tea. In addition, it can also be used as an ingredient for dishes, cakes, cottage cheese and yogurt.

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