Wilde bessen uit de biologisch gecertificeerde natuur van Finland Berryconcept

Wild berries from Finland's certified organic nature

Finland is also seven bessenland eminently. In Finnish nature, many types of berries - including blueberries, sea buckthorn berries in cranberries – collected. It's not about dozens of trays and bags of berries... no, it's about millions of kilos per year! But have the Finnish forests been completely plucked empty? No definitely not. By far the largest part of the berries remains in nature.

Wild berries from Finland

Berries from Finland are highly sought after. Blueberries, cranberries, sea buckthorn berries, cranberries and other wild berries go all over the world. Finns themselves also love their healthy berries. Finns are allowed to pick the different types of berries in every forest and national parks of Finland. Whole families often go out into nature and then return with sacks full of freshly picked berries.


Because wild berries grow in their purest form in Finland and fertilizers, pesticides and other (chemical) pesticides are not used, it is not even necessary to rinse these berries before use. It really couldn't be more organic!


But a natural product is only organic if it can be proven. To be officially labeled organic, these berries must only be picked in controlled and certified forests. The entire supply chain - from picking area to packaging and transport - is also extensively checked. The Finnish Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority Evira monitors this closely and grants a guaranteed quality mark.


In Finland, more than half of the total number of hectares of forest is certified organic. It covers more than 12 million hectares of forest, most of which is in Finnish Lapland. In fact, these form forests the largest contiguous organically certified area in the world. This area is still being expanded by certification.

Berries as an export product and tourist attraction 

The interest in healthy and safe organic products is increasing worldwide. Organic certification is therefore important for Finnish berries. Berries are an important export product for Finland. From Asia to South America and in almost all European countries, organic wild berries from Finland can be found on the shelves of (web) shops.  In addition, Finnish berries are also used as a raw material for various products, including organic juices, cosmetics, chocolate, powders, yogurt and more…

Get to know Finnish wild berries:

Besides the fact that the wild berries are an important export product, nowadays there is also 'berrytourism' happening in Finland. Many tourists - mainly from Asian countries, but also increasingly from European countries -  visit Finland every year to collect wild berries in the wild.

Buy organically certified berries in the Netherlands

Wild berries from Finland are not only incredibly tasty, but also bring many health benefits with him. Berryconcept ensures that Finnish berries are readily available to the Dutch. All berry products in the webshop are imported directly from Finland.

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